Fujioptics provide OEM /ODM Service for all kind of fiber optic passive components and active device.

Optical Fiber Passive Components Manufacturer


Wuhan Fujioptics Technologies Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of Optical Fiber Passive Components in China for many years. Our main products include Optical Attenuator, Optical Fiber Adapter, Optical Switch, Optical Terminator, Connector, Patch Cord, Optical Node Cable, and Optical Fiber Coupler. In addition, we also provide Patented Products such as LC Connector, LC Adapter, MU Adapter, and LC Connector Kits with high quality.

Please feel free to contact us if you are looking for Reliable Fiber Optic Components Manufacturer.

Such as 10G PWDM PD, CATV optical transeiver module, FWDM device, pigtail D, 4 way AWG PLC MUX/DEMUX,

AOC multiple patch cord, MPO-LC, MT-MT, MT-Lens, FA-MT, MPO-Fa patch cord, etc.