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Flanged Adjustable Attenuator

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 1、Small Variable optical attenuator for optical fiber transmission  line, the light intensity can be continuously variable 0-30dB attenuation
 2、Amount on line attenuation adjustment and locking.
 3、With low excess loss, good stability, high reliability, small size,  light weight and so on.
 4、Products made into FC, FC-ST, ST and other forms of standard  adapters.
5、Easy to use, widely used in optical fiber communication systems,  optical fiber CATV network and other projects.

Technical Specification:
Operating    Wavelength(nm) 1310/1550
Attenuation Value  (dB)0~30
Additional    loss (dB) <0.3
Input /    output form FC、FC-ST、ST
Temperature    range (℃) -40~+80
Dimensions    (mm) Φ20.5×18.5
Ordering Information
OAT-SV-FC    Compact variable optical attenuator, FC adapters input / output.