Fiber optical swabs

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Fiber optical swabs
Fiber optical swabs are ideal for removing transmission disrupting contaminants in bulkhead connectors.
The head conforms to the various connector shapes cleaning the conductor bulkhead corners inside the bulkhead pocket.

Fiber optical swab Features:
Can be used wet or dry condition. Head material is made from pure clean foam or micro-fiber woven polyester. More choice for different purpose use. No glues are used in the manufacturing process, ultro-low contaminants. The swab head contains no weld seams that could scratch the optical conductor surface.

Fiber optical swab Application:

They are suitable to clean diameter 2.5mm, 1.5mm,and 1.25mm optical fiber connector.

Method of application:
To put the optical fiber swab to the optical  interface and rotated it,finished the cleaning ,the optical fiber swabs is disposable cleaning tools,don’t Repeated use.