Corner pressure fiber optic polishing machine

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Corner pressure fiber optic polishing machine

Product Specifications:


This equipment is powered by 220V/50Hz. Appropriate transformers are required in other countries and areas.

A strict observation of the said operation manual is compulsory. Adopt correct measures to use, operate, maintenance and repair this equipment.

Under no circimstances, disassembly of this equipment is not permitted. Otherwise, it may cause injury to non-professionals or irremediable damage to the equipment.

If any fault occurs, please contact professionals or authorized personnel to deal with.

Abuse, unintended usage or disassenbly without permission could result in unexpected serious consequences.

Put the equipment on a stable and even desk or workbench with space to deposit accessory fixture and auxilary materials..

Main feature:

  • May process each kind of standard fiber optic connectors, such as FC/UPC/APC,SC/UPC/APC, ST/UPC/APC, LC/UPC/APC, ,MU/UPC/APC, MTRJ,E2000/UPC/APC etc.

  • Convenience for adjusting pressure, unloading and replacing jigs.

  • Excellent connector and face polishing quality, the percentage of products sent back for repair is very low.

  • Save material and low cost for grinding.

  • Easy to use and stable.

  • Display grinding speed which can be adjusted any time.

  • Control the direction with pro and con, convenience for Adjustment.

  • Toothed gearing, more stable and deep-set.

Ferrule diameter:

2.5 mm (0.0984 inch)1.25mm(0.0492 inch).