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MU BOA(Plastic Housing 6.6mm Pitch)

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MU BOA(Plastic Housing 6.6mm Pitch)


the MU Build-Out Attenuator 6.6mm Pitch (MU BOA 6.6mm Pitch) styles to meet your specific requirements

SM and MM Attenuators can be applied to adjust the power levels of signals in optical communications at the output of light sources, E/O converters and for testing the linearity or dynamic range of optical power meters.

Attenuators can also be used in optical amplifier systems to balance the gain across the different operating wavelengths. 


ItemMU Build-Out Attenuator 6.6mm Pitch (MU BOA 6.6mm Pitch)
Wavelength1310nm and 1550nm850nm
1310nm or 1550nm
Variation0dBSuper≦ 0.5dB ; Ultra≦ 0.3dB≦ 0.5dB
< 6dBSuper±0.75dB ; Ultra±0.5dB≦ 6dB ±1dB
≧ 6dBSuper±15% ; Ultra±10%
ReflectancePC≧ 45dBX
UPC≧ 50dB
APCSuper ≧ 60dB ; Ultra ≧ 65dB
Operating Temp. (℃)-40℃ ~ +75℃
Storage Temp. (℃)-40℃ ~ +85℃



* Easy installation - compact design fits into existing connectors or patch panels

* Consistent performance - precise attenuation value and high return loss

* Diversity - various connectors for option

* High Stability and High Reliability

* Flawless end face

* Telcordia GR-910-core and RoHS Compliant